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Carpet Hot Water and Extraction

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This is a deep cleaning method capable of removing soil, grime and bacteria from the depth of carpets and rugs. First we spray hot water containing detergent on surfaces then we recover it with soil with a powerful vacuuming. The advantage of this job being done by professional cleaners is that only powerful equipment can provide you with services of remarkable quality as it’s not the type of work easy to be done with general vacuuming.

Carpet Vacuuming

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It’s possible to take care of your carpets, rugs and furniture by yourself. Still professional cleaning and vacuuming services are highly recommended to avoid color transfer between furniture and flooring and have a protector regularly applied after cleaning. Let our professional technicians take care of your furniture and carpets while you are out spending time with your family.

Carpet Refreshing

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Not always does your carpet need a thorough cleaning but to refresh it from time to time is a good idea if you want it to bring you joy and pleasure further on. Your carpet isn’t heavily soiled or stained and there are no prescriptions for deep-cleaning but the furniture may have compacted the pile, there are unwanted odors and tracks of pets’ presence? – Carpet refreshing services are what you really need. They do not include deep cleaning and within a comparatively short period of time your carpet will be looking like a new one, pet-odor and stains free.

Chemical Cleaning

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The idea of the chemical cleaning is the same as in clothes washing. Your carpet life extends as we use generally dry or low-moisture methods of cleaning. Absorbent compound machinery allows performing at high levels and your dream of the job being done quickly and the carpet ready to use without waiting for moisture to dry is fulfilled.

Scotch Guard Carpet Protection

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You deserve feeling safe and this is what you can get if you get our services combined with the 3M Scotch Guard Protection. Your car rugs, carpets and other surfaces will remain clean, new-looking and fresh all the time. Scotch Guard products include auto interior fabric protector as well as the one combined with spots and stains remover. Take care of your car with Scotch Guard protection.

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You should know that our company has a long history of responsible cleaning and restoration services. Our regular customers particularly value our attention to detail. We guarantee that we will have your carpets looking like new again. See what difference a NY Carpet Clean makes..

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